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“Innovative Distribution to Change and Improve the World”


Private interactive buying on all TV's, Phones, or Computers at LOWER Prices

with LARGER Selections in LESS time. 

 Also a HUGE benefit to the manufacturer in profit and marketing.


And the best result is our net margin.


NBNT profit margins are 4 to 10 times GREATER in each market category we enter.



          1. Grocery shopping completed in approximately 3 minutes with fresher      products and lower prices.


          2. Electronics, not undersold and with free extended manufacturers warranties


          3. Real estate sales and financing at 50 basis points under banks


          4.  Sports equipment: better selection and prices


 5. Automotive aftermarket parts and OEM 'just in time' supplies


          6. Farm supplies, commodities and replacement parts next day


          7. Wholesale and OEM suppliers developed through NBNT


          8.  About 14 other specific markets in which we can be highly profitable


Your involvement in this offer can take many forms and we look forward to direct discussions of full details, profitability, and our short time line to connect our first metropolitan area of ~140,000 homes and businesses. We are dedicated to obtaining a major North American position in the retail and wholesale markets.

With your participation in the $5 to $10 million final funding step we will rapidly reach our 5 year profit goals to quickly return a 10 to 20 times profit to you.


NBNT Phone: (00) 1-419-290-1248  NBNT Email: 


*The website is for transfer of introductory First Site Business Plan and general information for mutual discussion.



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